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Enhance The Reading Experience with Professional Document Typesetting Services

Effective page layout and design are crucial for the success of medium to large-scale publishers, publishing houses, and corporate publications. Prepress Pro’s (PPP) typesetting services cater to these entities as well as graphic design and marketing agencies, tackling the complexities of today's digital content landscape. Our professionals deliver clean, compelling layouts and page designs, leveraging their extensive expertise in font selection, sizing, and line spacing to maximize the appeal of each publication.

PPP's typesetting not only focuses on aesthetics but also ensures that layouts are fully optimized for both print and digital media, facilitating a flawless transition across platforms. Additionally, we stay abreast of the latest design trends and technological advancements to ensure that publications are both visually attractive and market-relevant.

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Transform Raw Manuscripts To Print Ready
Files With Our document Typesetting Process

Prepress Pro’s document typesetting process enhances the content's legibility and visual appeal,
ensuring that the text flows smoothly, grabs the reader's attention, and guides them through
the information seamlessly. Our document typesetting process includes the following steps:

Project Requirement

The client provides the source files and specifications for the project, along with a timeline for delivery.


Our technical team analyzes the documents and guidelines to understand the client's requirements.

Template Creation

Our team then creates the template file and style sheet based on the client’s pre-defined guidelines.


The templates are then converted into proof files with the standardization of all critical elements, including font type, alignment, images, etc.

Quality Check

Once the sheet is reviewed and approved, the prepared files are then proofread for accuracy of pagination.


After the final approval, if no further corrections are needed, the print-ready file is shared with the client in the desired format.

Achieve Harmonious Layouts with
PPP’s Typesetting Services

PPP’s professional typesetting expertise in typography, layout design, and attention
to detail ensures that your content captivates your audience and delivers a superior reading
experience. Our diverse range of typesetting services includes the following:

Book Typesetting

PPP’s book typesetting services meticulously format your manuscript, ensuring proper typography and consistent styling throughout the book. Our skilled typesetters have experience working with various book genres, including novels, journals, and academic textbooks.

Magazine and Brochure Typesetting

PPP specializes in creating eye-catching designs that combine impactful imagery, compelling headlines, and well-structured content. Our document typesetting services include font selection, precise alignment, and balanced use of white space to create a harmonious visual composition.

Digital Publication Typesetting

Our document typesetting services for digital publications focus on responsive design, ensuring your content looks great on various devices and screen sizes. We carefully consider typography, font sizes, line spacing, and formatting to enhance readability and engagement.

Multilingual Typesetting

Whether incorporating diverse character sets, managing right-to-left or left-to-right text direction, or applying language-specific typography rules, PPP’s multilingual typesetting captures the intricacies and typographic conventions specific to each language.

Success Stories

Get a quick run-through of some formatting projects for which we have made a difference!

Sucess Story 1
Success Story

Provided U.S. Design Agency with 100% Error-free Print-Ready Artworks Created with PrintShopMail and PlanetPress.

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Sucess Story 2
Success Story

An American Design Firm Cut Their Costs in Half by Hiring Prepress Pro for Their Trade Show Pre-Press Work.

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Sucess Story 3
Success Story

By collaborating with Prepress Pro, one of the leading American packaging solution providers is speeding up the production process of packaging materials.

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Key Benefits of PPP’s Document Typesetting Services

Prepress Pro's document typesetting services combine expertise, attention to detail, and
creativity to enhance your content style and layout, delivering an exceptional
reading experience. Partner with Prepress Pro to reap the following benefits:

Enhanced Readability

With precise typography and carefully crafted layouts, PPP’s skilled typesetters enhance your materials' visual appeal and readability, making a lasting impression on the audience.

Consistency and Brand Identity

From font choices to color schemes, our document typesetting services maintain consistency across all elements, reinforcing your brand identity and creating a cohesive visual experience.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing document typesetting services to PPP can save you valuable time and resources. Our services are cost-effective, as we possess the tools and expertise to execute typesetting tasks efficiently.

Assured Quality and Quick Turnarounds

Adhering to industry standards, PPP’s experienced typesetting team assures quick turnarounds on all your projects without compromising quality.


Here’s what our clients have got to say about their experience with our formatting services

I appreciate and notice the small details and the fun the designers are having working with the designs. So far I've had a very positive experience working with your team


VP, Promotional Design Company, USA

Thank you very much for the good work and professional communication. The formatting support helped us reduce the number of reworks and freed up time for our team to take up more projects!


CEO, Graphic Design Company, Netherlands

I just want to say a personal thank you to your designers, They are doing great work and i appreciate their creativity that they are putting into this


VP, Promotional Design Company, USA

Software, Technology & Infrastructure

Prepress Pro uses the latest formatting tools and software to deliver the best results.

All of our processes are ISO 27001:2013 compliant.

Flexible Engagement Plans & Pricing

Choose from our range of engagement and pricing plans to save time and effort.

Customized Document Typesetting That Captures
The Reader’s Interest

Whether books, magazines, brochures, or websites, PPP’s precise document typesetting services enhance readability, engage readers, and convey information seamlessly. Contact us today to elevate your content with our exceptional typesetting services. We provide services worldwide, reaching all major continents.

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