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  • Prepress is the process of creating a print layout and preparing digital files ready for print production
  • Prepress Pro offers a wide range of customizable services including – Typesetting, Digital Conversion, Formatting, Editing & Proofreading, Pre-press Graphic Design, Color Management, Image Enhancement, Data Structuring and Content Localization

  • Bleed is a term that refers to printing of the design that goes beyond the final trim edge of any piece of printed artwork. The artwork bleeds off the edge. The bleed gives the printer a small amount of space to account for movement of the paper while running through the press, and design inconsistencies. Bleed ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed design.
  • If an artwork goes all the way to the edge of the page, we extend it past the artboard to prevent a white border from appearing when trimmed to size.

  • Digital proofing with substrate simulation in accordance with PSO and ISO 12647-2.

  • Adherence to print color standards such as ISO 2846, PANTONE, HKS, CMYK etc.

  • We ensure that the file resolution is 300 DPI or more. We ensure that all images are at least 300dpi (to avoid pixelation).

  • Enfocus Pitstop
  • Markzware Flightcheck
  • Agfa Apogee RIP
  • InDesign scripts

  • Yes. We sign non-disclosure agreements and service level agreements for every customer who outsources to Prepress Pro.

  • We ensure security, privacy & confidentiality at every level of the outsourcing process.
  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client and a non-disclosure bond with our employees at the start of every project
  • We have firewalls/VPN (Virtual Private Network) for inbound and outbound security
  • None of our systems have external storage devices (Floppy/CD drives/USB ports)
  • All our systems and e-mails are password protected
  • Our cabinets are fire-proof and we use an offsite storage facility to store physical documents
  • We have 'anti-virus' software implemented at both server and client level
  • Only our bona fide employees are allowed access into our buildings through a badge access system. We also have armed security on a 24x7x365 days basis
  • We have surveillance cameras installed throughout our premises

  • Just fill in our contact form, with the services that you require and details regarding your project and we will contact you within 1 business day to take the outsourcing relationship to the next level.

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